Frequently Asked Questions

About Ember

Who's behind Ember?

Ember was started by Keith and Pierce in 2019 as the world's first all-electric bus operator. By using electric vehicles, we can reduce our impact on the planet whilst also offering a better customer experience. We're based in Edinburgh and have a local office in Dundee.

Why use electric vehicles?

The transition to electric vehicles is essential to combating global warming and reducing air pollution. We want to accelerate this transition so all our vehicles will be electric from day one.

For our first route, the coaches can go 200 miles on a single charge and we'll be fast charging them multiple times per day in Dundee. By using the coaches this intensively, we ensure that the lifetime emissions (including manufacturing the battery and so on) are a tiny fraction of a diesel vehicle.

What about COVID?

We're taking comprehensive measures to keep people safe, including limiting capacity and making hand sanitiser available. We require all passengers to wear a mask whilst onboard. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please let the driver know when you get on.

We're aware things are subject to change quickly so we'll keep you up to date here or via email.

Onboard Experience

What are your coaches like?

We're using brand new, all-electric coaches. These are the first electric coaches in the UK to be used on a public service. Running on electricity means they're better for the environment and also much quieter, with no annoying engine rumble or rattles. Inside we've kitted them out with comfortable seats, extra leg-room and individual air conditioning.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi and there's good signal along the route. Our Wi-Fi is 5G which means it's super fast where there's coverage (currently in Edinburgh and expanding all the time).

Can I charge my phone?

Yes, we have USB points at every seat. We'll also try to carry a few common charging cables which you can borrow if you don't have yours. Just ask the driver when you get on board. We don't currently have any three pin plugs but are looking to introduce them in the future.

Can I bring my bike onboard?

Yes, we love cycling. You can reserve a bike space whilst booking your ticket. If you haven't reserved a space we'll do our best to get you onboard but can't promise there will be space. We'd appreciate if your bike is clean but will have some bike bags onboard which you can use if it's a bit mucky. Folding bikes don't need to be booked, just turn up and get on.

Do you have a wheelchair space?

Yes, we have a dedicated wheelchair space accessed via a lift at the centre doors. You can reserve a space whilst booking your ticket and we don't need any advance notice, you can book right up until the coach is leaving. If you haven't reserved a space then we'll happily let you on subject to the wheelchair space being available for your whole journey - the driver will be able to confirm this.

If you would prefer to sit in a coach seat then you don't need to book a wheelchair space in advance and your wheelchair can go in the hold.


Will you accept concession cards?

Yes. People with a Scottish National Entitlement Card (e.g. for people over 60 or with disabilities) can travel for free with Ember, including making a free online booking. If your card has the companion symbol, you may take a companion free of charge. Companions should be booked as an additional concession.

Can I buy a ticket onboard?

You can buy a ticket onboard but it's £2 cheaper (per adult ticket) to book online. This applies no matter whether you book a month ahead or just a few seconds before. We encourage online booking because it guarantees you a seat, speeds up journeys and means we can keep you updated if your bus is running late. We don't accept cash onboard so you'll need a card or a phone.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, you can just show your ticket on your phone. Don't worry if your phone runs out of battery – just give the driver the name on the booking and they'll look it up. We also have USB points at every seat so you can charge up again.

Are there any discounts for children?

Absolutely. Children under five can travel for free and anyone from 5-18 goes half price. Note that we may need to see proof of age if you look like you might be 16 or over (for example a Young Scot Card)

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

Yes. You can cancel any ticket you buy online for a full refund. We'll credit the refund to your account and you can use this to buy another ticket at any point. Email us at if you would like us to refund the account credit to your payment card or bank account.